I am a freelance artist and Director of Marburae Art Gallery in Cheshire (Uk) My current work is inspired by recent travels to India and South East Asia.

My paintings are a personal perception of the cultures and variety experienced whilst exploring the region. I draw on the colours, patterns, and architecture from various cultures and religions and they feature heavily within my work, allowing me to recreate the richness and atmospheres of such diverse and different places.

Process is also very important to me and I wish for it to remain as true to my subject matter as possible. I create my own watercolours made from spices and powders bought from various parts of the world. I work predominantly with Saffron but also use many more pigments such as Turmeric, Indigo and Vermillion Powder. The latter is a powder placed along the parting of the hair by Hindi women to represent marriage.

Born in Bristol in 1987, I went on to study Fine Art at Clitheroe Royal Grammar VIth Form where I received 100% in her Art A-level, one of only five people in the country to do so. I then continued my studies at the University of Plymouth and was awarded a First Class Honours Degree.

My work has been successfully displayed in Calcutta, India, Switzerland, Liverpool, Plymouth, Bristol, Bath, Sheffield, Lancashire, Buckinghamshire and as part of festivals, I even have work in space, aboard the SpaceArc! Feel free to contact me about my work on kaitehelps@hotmail.co.uk 




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